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A 15-Minute Direct Class II Composite Technique



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New Dentist Magazine – Occlusal Health Article (Part 2)



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Contemporary Esthetics Achieving Longevity in Esthetic Dentistry by the Proper Diagnosis and Management of Occlusal Disease

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Inside Dentistry – Clinical Performance of Bonded Ceramic and Resin-Based Composite Inlays and Onlays Using a Self-Etch Bonding System: a 51-Month Report

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Gaceta Dental – Es tiempo de reconsiderar qué es lo mejor para nuestros pacientes: odontología mínimamente invasiva y biocompatible. Incrustaciones onlay de porcelana

Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry – Achieving Optimal Esthetics in a Patient with Severe Trauma: Using a Multidisciplinary Approach and an All-Ceramic Fixed Partial Denture



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The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry – The Psychology of a Smile