Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry & Ruiz Dental Seminars is the dental institute for a new generation. We are here to serve all of your continuing education needs by providing you with access to modern, scientifically based, hands-on workshops and lectures. Here are a few of Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz’s team members:

Marlen Stopsky, Marketing Director
Marlen is a social media marketing expert who has practiced this field for over 5 years. His main goal is to help patients and the dental community become aware of the benefits of Supra-Gingival dentistry, and the other valuable techniques taught by Dr. Ruiz at the Los Angeles Institute. On his free time Marlen enjoys surfing at the beach year round.


Anna Moody – Dental Assistant and Workshop Coordinator
Anna is Dr. Ruiz’s dental assistant as well as our workshop and office supply coordinator. She is passionate about helping people and this reflects very positively on her dental career. She is committed to making each patient feel important and loves using her insight to help educate on Supra-Gingival dentistry and help people feel informed about their dental health. She is dedicated to Excellence and her attention to detail keep our office running smoothly. In her free time she enjoys going to the beach, meditation and spending time with animals and nature.