Mastering Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

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Do not underestimate the importance of outstanding diagnosis, patient education and motivation. These things can make the difference between a successful and a failing practice.

Even if a restoration is perfectly formed, it can fail if the proper diagnosis was not given. On a similar note, if a patient does not accept treatment, what is the advantage of having impeccable restorative and rehabilitation skills? You and your team must have the skills needed to educate and motivate your patients to value quality dentistry. Your entire team must be involved in this endeavor. If your dental team is educated and motivated, they can then help you educate and motivate your patients. Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz’s Mastering Diagnosis, Treatment Planning: a Team Approach workshop is hands on and will demonstrate a simple, predictable and efficient system to diagnose, educate and motivate patients for ideal dentistry.

During this workshop, you and your team will learn:

– The “Team Driven, New Patient Diagnosis System”
– How important it is to do (and how to perform) proper occlusal disease diagnosis
– The advantages of Supra-gingival Dentistry and the method of educating patients to desire better, healthier dental services
– How to take PN photographs and how to utilize them for diagnosis
– How to fill out and use the five diagnostic forms
– The advantages of team education and motivation
– The four Hippocrates personalities and people motivators so you can understand your patients and team better
– The complete process from the first phone call to your patient saying “yes” to treatment

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