Our Seminars & Mission

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At Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry & Ruiz Dental Seminars Inc., our mission assures that we are the most progressive institute in dentistry. We offer continuing hands-on education at a great value. We teach a practical, scientifically-based approach to dentistry with a focus on tooth preservation through Supra-gingival restorative dentistry. This minimally-invasive approach was developed by Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz and is used and taught by our faculty.

Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry & Ruiz Dental Seminars Inc. was established in 2005 and since then, our faculty has taught dentists minimally-invasive dentistry. Those who have attended our workshops have come away with new skills and information. Dentists appreciate that our course material can immediately be implemented upon returning to the office. They enjoyed the hands-on portion of the course and felt that it was well organized, well supplied, and quite useful. Dentists who have completed the Supra-gingival workshop find that many procedures become more simplified and predictable than ever before This course has improved the way that dentists practice.

Dentists declare that Dr. Ruiz is a great speaker who has created an efficient, warm, and friendly organization. His system of diagnosis and treatment planning is very practical and efficient. In addition, it can be implemented immediately in one’s office.

For more information about our mission or courses, please contact us at 818-729-9121. We are more than happy to help in any way that we can.