Implementing Occlusal Therapy Workshop – Level 1




Why Should I Take This Workshop?

  • Learn how to minimize or eliminate fractured restorations
  • Minimize or eliminate post-operative sensitivity
  • Greatly increase available services both in restorative dentistry as well as esthetic dentistry
  • Motivate patients to accept night guards and start making 20-30 every month


OFED-L2Patients wish to keep their natural teeth their entire life, but a great obstacle to this is occlusal disease. occlusal disease (OD) is so prevalent and insidious that it is responsible for most restorative failures and is no less destructive and costly to the patient than tooth decay or periodontal disease. Proper diagnosis and implementation of occlusal therapy is a great benefit to patients, as well as dentists, by making dentistry more predictable and enjoyable.

In this very practical occlusion workshop, you will learn a modern, practical, and scientifically based occlusion philosophy that is methodic and incremental. During the 2-day workshop, you will learn all you need to know about occlusion and occlusal therapy. You will perform examinations to assess the seven signs and symptoms of occlusal disease, learn when and how to take Phase II occlusal analysis records, CR bites, mounted cast, etc. You will learn how to develop a restorative diagnosis while implementing an occlusal strategy. You will also learn and perform additive and subtractive equilibration. This course also includes a system to educate patients about occlusal disease, leading to excellent treatment acceptance and added profits, while maintaining a highly ethical practice.

Why should you learn occlusion from Dr. Ruiz?

  • Hundreds of past participants have said they found occlusion complex and confusing, but after taking Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz occlusion course, it became simple and easy to understand.
  • All of Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz’s occlusion philosophy is scientifically based and founded on firm research and literature evidence.
  • This system will make implementing occlusal therapy into your practice a reality! Most other courses are not easy to implement.

Learning Objectives

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  • Learn the entire occlusal disease management system philosophy.
  • Learn the most logical approach to diagnosis ever using the 7 signs and symptoms of OD.
  • Perform an 11-point comprehensive occlusal and TMJ clinical evaluation to assess TMJ health and improve restorative longevity.
  • Learn how and when to use night guards and splints.
  • Perform diagnostic cast evaluation, trial equilibrations, and patient equilibration, additive or subtractive.
  • Perform several recordings of CR bite, load testing, face bow records, and other indispensable skills needed for occlusal diagnosis and therapy.
  • Perform an occlusal and TMJ examination of yourself with a full treatment plan.
  • Learn how to educate and motivate patients for excellent treatment acceptance.

Event Schedule
Continental Breakfast & Registration: 8:00 am
Workshop: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm on Friday and 8:30 am – 5:30 pm on Saturday

To register by phone, or for more information, please contact Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry & Ruiz Dental Seminars Inc. at 818-729-9121. You can register online for Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz’s course by selecting the options below and adding the class to your cart.


Dr. Esfandiara's Testimonial

Dr. Esfandiara’s Testimonial

Dr. Ramsey's Testimonial

Dr. Ramsey’s Testimonial

Dr. Ferrer's Testimonial

Dr. Ferrer’s Testimonial

“Excellent course, as good as the Frank Spears course I took at half the price and you simplify it a lot more.”
– Dr. Jay Kansal, DMD

“Excellent speaker & practical info. Efficient in explanations, no time wasted.”
– Dr. Krystal Benyamein

“Dr. Ruiz has the incredible ability to demystify Occlusion. I learned more in 1 day than I have learned at 3 day workshops elsewhere. Awesome analogies.”
– Kristine Yoshida DDS

“This course created far more understanding of Occlusal Disease for me and for sure expanded my scope of diagnoses and treatment clinically. Dr. Ruiz makes treatment of Occlusal Disease very practical and achievable. Thank you!”
– Dr. Mojgan Tamaddon, DDS

“I have been to many CE courses but Dr. Ruiz’s course was one of the most comprehensive and practical courses I’ve attended. Excellent!”
– Katherine Ahn DDS

“2 days packed of information I can immediately use on Monday!”
– Dr. Juan Arnaldo Gomez

“Excellent! Can be applied easily next day making me not scared of trying it in my office.”
– Dr. Ana Ortiz

Additional information

Event Date

January 10-11, 2020, June 4-5, 2020, November 6-7, 2020

Event Date 1

January 10 – 11, 2020

Event Date 2

June 4 – 5, 2020

Event Date 3

November 6 – 7, 2020


Online -$1595, In Person – $2799