Practical, Predictable and Beautiful Direct Anterior & Posterior Composite Restorations; Including Full Mouth Composite Rehabilitation



Why Should I Take This Workshop?

  • Learn how to do a class II faster (10-15 minutes) and more predictably than ever before
  • Learn how to do 6 direct composite veneers in 1 hour
  • Learn how to eliminate post-op sensitivity
  • Learn how to perform a full mouth rehabilitation with direct composite
  • Understand adhesion like never before

CE Hours: 16
$2,599.00 (course in 2017)
$2,799.00 (course in 2018)
(Price is Per-Participant)

  • March 3-4, 2017 (SOLD OUT)
  • July 14-15, 2017 (SOLD OUT)
  • November 3-4, 2017 (SOLD OUT)
  • January 25-26, 2018 (SOLD OUT)
  • August 3-4, 2018 (SOLD OUT)
  • December 1-2, 2018 (SOLD OUT)
  • March 15-16, 2019 (SOLD OUT)
  • July 19-20, 2019 (SOLD OUT)
  • December 12-13, 2019 (FEW SEATS AVAILABLE)
  • March 26-27, 2020
  • August 28-29, 2020
  • November 20-21, 2020

Time Length: 2 days
Location: Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry
11966 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604




pg11_IMG_6309Direct composite restorations are today’s bread and butter dentistry, and being efficient and predictable is a must for any practicing clinician. Additionally, direct composites provide functional, long-lasting, and esthetically pleasing results in the most conservative fashion. Many complain that direct anterior and posterior composites can be technique sensitive, difficult, time-consuming, and often financially unrewarding procedures. This may be due in large part due to the incorrect use of new materials. These materials require a completely new approach if we are going to be successful with them. Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz will show how using the scientific based supra-gingival approach to preparation and placement, allows for highly esthetic, faster, predictable and healthier anterior and posterior direct composites, including full mouth composite rehabilitation.

In this practical workshop you will use the newly learned techniques and perform many restorations on a realistic typodont.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn and perform fast & predictable techniques for direct posterior composite restorations.
  • Learn the supra-gingival protocol and how it makes direct compote restorations faster, more predictable and healthier that traditional approach.
  • Understand bonding systems & resin based composites and how to correctly use them.
  • Identify and put in to practice principle of form, texture, and color necessary to perform beautiful composite restorations.
  • Identify and use principle of form, texture, and color necessary to perform beautiful direct composite anterior restorations, including composite veneers.
  • Recognize when and how to use opaquers, modifiers, and tints.
  • Describe & use simple and predictable finishing and polishing techniques.
  • Use the different matrix system and know when to use them.
  • Learn the principles and rational on when and how to do a full mouth rehabilitation with direct composite.

Event Schedule
Continental Breakfast & Registration: 8:00 am
Workshop: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm on Friday and 8:30 am – 5:30 pm on Saturday

To register by phone, or for more information, please contact Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry & Ruiz Dental Seminars at 818-729-9121. You can register online for Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz’s course by selecting the options below and adding the class to your cart.


“I have attended other esthetic seminars and programs… Your course was the most inspiring! It was very well presented and organized.”

– Jan Michael Dacles DDS, Corona, CA

Dr. Mendoza's Testimonial

Dr. Mendoza Testimonial

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Event Date

December 12-13, 2019, March 26-27, 2020, August 28-29, 2020, November 20-21, 2020