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    Hi JR,

    I hope all is well.

    I was hoping for a refresher on this topic.

    what are your thoughts, pros and cons regarding using GI or RMGI on pulpal floor prior to cementation of the ceramic restoration with a bond and resin cement?

    I generally use RMGI as pulp cap only on a small area and follow that with bond and flowable resin. then Cement or packable composite as needed.

    Also, I have been trying to find out what are the new % of Dentist that are doing PFM vs. non-metal restoration ( supra-gingval Dentistry). Does CR or others have any new data on this?



    Hi Dr. Esfandiari,
    Great questions.
    I had used RMGI to do indirect pulp caps under indirect restoration for many years and I found it to work very well. I would use the RMGI direct on clean dentin only on the deep area, followed by impression.
    But currently the research seams to indicate that using a good bonding system directly into the deep dentin and then a thin layer of flowable followed by the impression is a wise choice and it also work very well, basically sealing the deep dentin. This is what I am doing currently with much success.
    I know both techniques work, i think the second one work better and the literature points that way.
    I could write an entire article on this subject, but the above is the basic idea.

    On your second question, the January 2012 Gordon Christensen Clinician Report, showed that just about 98% of all laboratory restorations are full crowns.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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